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A Compassionate And Skilled Perspective On Child Custody Issues

California laws uphold the rights and best interests of children above anything else. Parents also want to protect their children. However, the emotional process of getting a divorce or separation may prevent even the most caring parent from making decisions. If you or a loved one is experiencing the hurdles of facing child custody and visitation issues, you do not have to face this alone.

Attorney Cynthia Hannon has over 30 years of experience handling legal issues related to families. She understands the many facets of child custody and will fight to protect your parental rights and assert your children’s rights. When she takes your case at the Law Offices of Cynthia A. Hannon in Walnut Creek, she will dedicate time to learning about your current situation to then develop personalized solutions.

Your Children’s Best Interests Are The Priority

In California, parents can share legal custody, which refers to the right to make decisions on all matters of their children, including school, religion and health care. The type of custody that defines where the child lives is physical custody. A parent can have total or joint physical custody of a child, provided it is in the children’s best interests. In joint physical custody, parents spend equal or almost equal time with the children.

If a parent spends less than half of their children’s time, then parents need a time sharing or visitation plan with determined visits by the court or as agreed upon between the parents themselves. In some situations, such as if there are records of abuse or domestic violence, parents may have supervised or no visitations of their children.

Parents also have an option to agree on a parenting plan for a judge’s approval, who will consider aspects such as those below to protect the children’s best interests:

  • The relationship children have with each parent
  • The ties children have with their school and community
  • Each parent’s ability to take care and provide for their child
  • The children’s health and age

Cynthia puts your children’s and your best interests at the center of every legal strategy she discusses with you. She is ready to help you negotiate or go before the courts to fight for you and your child.

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