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Preparing Your Family’s Future

At the Walnut Creek, California, Law Offices of Cynthia A. Hannon, we view divorce as a process of putting together the rules for your family’s future. When doing that, we bring more than 33 years of family law experience to bear on your case.

That experience means we understand how families work. We draw on that understanding to help you structure your divorce intelligently for your family’s future.

Work Directly With Your Attorney

Successful divorces depend on successful attorney-client relationships. Our firm is built on that foundation.

To build that relationship, attorney Hannon works with you directly. As your lawyer, she gets to know you, your goals and your specific challenges such as:

  • Custody (visitation) and child support (with a focus on the child’s best interests)
  • Division of property (including debt, retirement accounts, luxury assets and more)
  • Paternity (both for mothers and for fathers establishing their parental rights)
  • Post-judgment modifications (both enforcing and modifying the rules of the divorce)

She then tailors her legal guidance to those specific needs. Because no single legal option is right for every client, you can count on us to advise you candidly as to which option best meets your goals. Those options can include negotiation, mediation, trial, settlement and other approaches.

Where trial best protects your rights, you can also rely confidently on our years of experience in the courtroom. We take an aggressive approach to litigated cases when representing your interests.

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